Vicki Vollmer

special events


Date and times
Friday, September 22: H 18.00-21.00
Saturday, September 23: H 9.00-12.00 | 15.00-18.00
Sunday, September 24: H 9.00-12.00


School gym Giovanni Pascoli
via Marconi 3, 55045 Pietrasanta 


You can register by filling out this FORM.
Please note that you must complete the payment in order to make your registration valid.

  • the price is 310 euros;
  • For those who are interested in attending only some of the proposed sessions, the price is 80 euros per single session.
Payment options include PayPal and bank transfer.
The coordinates to make the payment are present in the registration form or at this LINK.


What to bring

  • your own yoga mat; 
  • socks; 
  • Your curiosity – The workshop will be an opportunity to have fun and meet students from all over the world.

    * Ropes, bands, bricks, chairs and cushions will be made available by the Yoga Sangha Versilia studio.


HERE you can find a list of Airbnb and Booking options all located in the historic center of Pietrasanta
and within walking distance from the gym where the workshop will be held.